Speaking & Performance Art



Mike loves to inspire others through art, so he is available to demonstrate his talents in several ways:

  1. Speed painting – a live, on-stage acrylic painting (5ft x 5ft) will come to life over the course of the sermon. This demonstration will inspire awe for the Maker and Creator of all. The painting may then be displayed on the church walls, or auctioned off and used as a unique fundraiser!
  2. 3D Sidewalk Art – using only basic tools (paint, chalk and paintbrushes), Mike will create a 3-dimensional painting on the sidewalk over the course of a day. This one is a real crowd-pleaser and sure to cause many to take photos that will be posted online and shared. A great “Viral” way to promote an upcoming speaker or event!



Our lives are full of noise, which distracts us from our true calling. Sometimes, if you listen and pay attention, you can hear God’s voice in the details of every day life. In this talk Mike discusses:

  1. How constant distraction is destroying our minds, our families and our lives.
  2. How slowing down enhances our mental and physical well-being.
  3. How we benefit from being still and spending time in prayerful meditation.
  4. How living a little slower is more fulfilling than most have ever imagined.


This workshop is about Mike’s continuing experiment on recapturing a small-town sense of community by intentionally doing things that make him available and approachable. This workshop will inspire insight and change.